About Us

We at Elevate Veterinary Labs bring to the Veterinary world the quality and award - winning ser-vice from the human space. Elevate Veterinary Labs is an affiliate Lab associated with Dynix Diag-nostix, a well estalished reference laboratory in response to the needs of the human healthcare industry.

Our hard work and proficiency with human clinical diagnostics earned us accreditation through The Joint Commission. Our vision is to share this world class service in the Veterinary space and to deliver Veterinary Clinics the speed, quality, service, and expert interpretation of clinical testing for your practices companion animals.

We put the needs of our clients and quality patient care at the center of all our activities and offer unsurpassed customer service and educa-tion. We actively listen to and engage with our customers to build lasting and mutually profitable relationships.

Blood Testing

Elevate Veterinary Labs can meet all of your blood analysis needs through a broad array of testing under the following classifications:

• Hematology
• Blood Chemistry/Endocrinology
• Serology
• Microbiology
• Parasitology
• Histopathology/Cytology

Our testing panels are fully customizable to meet your practice's individual needs.


Elevate Veterinary Labs offers full microbiological testing on-site including:

• Culturing of anaerobic and aerobic pathogens
• Gram Staining
• Antimicrobial sensitivity reporting
• 72 hour turnaround time on routine cultures


Elevate Veterinary Lab's pathology division offers a full range of pathology services available to veterinary clinics. Our experienced pathologists and clinicians work hand in hand with veterinarians to offer detailed and streamlined services for all pathology needs:

• Expert team of pathologists and clinicians
• Detailed reports using precise diagnostic terminology
• Rapid turnaround times on routine cases
• Preprinted requisitions for simplified case submission
• Live telephone communication with our team
• Result reporting via fax, e-mail, or web portal
• Verbal results in rush cases

Elevate With Us

We anticipate and discover the unmet needs of the Veterinarian. We provide simple, intuitive technological integration and quality services for benefit of the Veterinarian to provide unsurpassed patient care.

We seek inspiration internally and externally, and we have the flexibility and the vision to incorporate the best ideas and technologies from any source.

What separates us from all other laboratories?


Elevate is committed to the success of your organization. We grow if you grow.


Leading you through the intricate world of veterinary medicine.


Doing the right thing when no one is looking. We have your best interest at heart.

Customer Support

24/7 support for your organization and staff. Real-time reporting and state-of-the-art software gives us the ability to provide top-tier client support.


Up-to-date in regards to all compliance issues that face providers today.

In-House Software Development

We customize and build our own in-house software solutions. These solutions have been built from the years of experience in the revenue management industry.

Let us be your veterinary lab

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